1. elvene wants:

    insert a 360 panorama in my flash website

  2. betterlistinfo wants:

    post ads on my free classified site

  3. elvene wants:

    make some magic with a brochure i'm designing

  4. Buccaneer wants:

    open accounts on 84 social & video sites (my list) for $20. need 20+ sets.(20+ gigs)

  5. FBGuru wants:

    review my app (fbdownloader) and promote it...

  6. FBGuru wants:

    review my app (fbdownloader) and suggest creative marketing techniques to promote it

  7. afitgirl wants:

    add html code in WordPress header Php for Blam Ads Gateway Content

  8. rpgwebsolutions wants:

    design & graphic

  9. frtnt12 wants:

    create me an approved account on CPA network

  10. tianchinesehome wants:

    post my 30ads on CL every week for $10 for lasting order

  11. Richdan wants:

    sign up for 2 free programs under my referral for $5

  12. thedsw wants:

    $5Create an animation for a short poem as a traditional cartoon or 3d like Pixar, with additional poems to be done in the future..

  13. paycheckunltd wants:

    Telemarketing / Telesales Agents. Per Call Payments + Signup Bonuses!

  14. CP7 wants:

    Can customize couponpress wordpress theme for $20 !

  15. AndaraKing wants:

    Active member for my website

  16. msponsors wants:

    Want to become Sponsor of a social networking website? Check out our gig.

  17. tianchinesehome wants:

    post my 20 ads on craigslist for $10

  18. jpowers wants:

    sign up for 20 free offers, must be in the US, work is just 30min

  19. samantha wants:

    i am looking for someone who will like my facebook photo(200like)$5

  20. jpowers wants:

    give me a camfrog pro code for $5

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  1. ausmagic wants:

    install scripts

  2. smita12 wants:

    I m looking for PHP developer who can make functionality for video watching along with earning. Interested can inbox me.

  3. flatcapdave wants:

    manage my website

  4. drk wants:

    design a logo and basic templates for my company

  5. flatcapdave wants:

    I need a stand-out 120x80 Image / text banner for Plenty of Fish. I have a sample to replicate if you're interested. flatcapdave

  6. rajya12 wants:

    promote my affiliate link to Facebook and twitter fans

  7. Monkey wants:

    Set up an RS feed on my twitterfeed account for automated tweets to go to my facebook page. $5 only.

  8. Robinsoninaz wants:

    Sign up under my website and become a referral -$20+ PM ME

  9. Minkal wants:

    need marketing programs

  10. waqas007 wants:


  11. DarrenP wants:

    Setup Wordpress

  12. mlaspace wants:

    do 3 reviews atleast around 40 words per review on a website given for $5.

  13. jasmine wants:

    do business of garbage disposal,food waste disposal,waste disposer

  14. Neal01 wants:

    create and upload my squeeze page to my domain.

  15. jpowers wants:

    signup on australian dating site for $5.

  16. Dude88 wants:

    create a video promoting my service for $5

  17. saukgp wants:

    writing articles

  18. william1 wants:

    sort out my wp-robot

  19. kevincosty wants:

    signup for a trial on my link

  20. Geoff wants:

    code wordpress themes and plugins

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