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Okechukwu Anyaneto joined GigBux on May 10, 2015

Hello, Okechukwu here, A high school graduate. I have been in online work for over three years, and I am here to deliver quality services. Looking forward to working with you.

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  1. Stomach cramps or stomach pain is common with new born babies. This is as a result of the tender intestines of babies not yet used to the lactose from milk. But in this article I will show you what you must give the baby after delivery to prevent the cramps from coming. It is a natural product which is almost everywhere and it can be gotten at little or no cost at all. Buy this gig and learn what the product is and the method of application.
  2. Are you pregnant or about to put to bed. This gig on is how you can prevent your new born baby from having stomach cramps. This is what must be applied on the first day of delivery. It is most effective on the first day the baby was born. It is a preventive measure. It is 100% natural. It is cheap and affordable. It will save you and your baby the suffering of sleepless nights.
  3. There is no limited to the genre of content to write. If it can be thoroughly researched, then you are definitely on the right gig. I will give your assignment my undivided attention and deliver unlike any other with an amazing turn-around. When purchasing, be as specific as you can (or would prefer to be) about what you want.
  4. I will write an original article of 600 words or less on any topic you require. You can also split the 600 words into 2 documents of 300 words and different topics. Just send the message of what you want and we will take care of the rest.
  5. I will produce 400-500 words of well-researched SEO Optimized health related articles for you. I can handle variety of topics related to medical field including health, diseases, symptoms, precautions, medical news and much more.
  6. I will write an original article of 500 words or less on any topic you require. This can feature your choice of keywords (if you want SEO) and is guaranteed to pass copy-scape filters. I can do re-writes of existing articles, if you want also.
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    Hi, I can write creative and original articles on any topic. I do my own research in order to make great quality articles that will reach your expectation. Writing is something I do with joy and passion, and I believe that my articles come out the same. Don't hesitate to ask me to write you an article, because it will be my pleasure to do so, just tell me what you are interested in. The standard gig represents an article of about 500 words. But
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